E-Chopper &
Rent a fatbike

Enjoy a tour around the Uitgeestermeer or at your own location. Let us know what you want to do.
many bikes max. 25km / hour radius up to 65 km

Your Choice

Rent an e-chopper


A comfortable and easy ride through nature and can take you on long distance trips.

From € 45.00 half a day

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Rent a fatbike


A cool e-bike with pedal assistance, ideal for cruising with your friends!

From € 35.00 half a day

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Rent an orange e-chopper

Rent an E-Chopper

E-Chopper: 100% electric power

Eco-friendly ride
Radius up to 65 km
Big tires, better grip

For renting an e-chopper we charge a deposit of € 100. This deposit can be paid by cash or card.

As a driver you are obliged to have a driver’s license or moped certificate.

Rent an e-chopper for a ride in Uitgeest
rent an e-fatbike

Rent a fatbike

E-Fatbike: with pedal assistance up to 25 km

Drives as fast as an e-chopper
No driver’s license required
Radius 40 to 60 km

Frequently Asked Questions

Is every bicycle electric?

The fatbikes offer pedal assistance. Our e-choppers are 100% electric. We also rent out bicycles with gears and e-bikes for that extra bit of support. We rent out cargo bikes and we have an electric cargo bike at our shop.

How fast does an e-chopper go?

The e-choppers can go up to 25 kilometers an hour and have a radius up to 65 kilometers.

Can anyone ride an e-chopper?

To rent an e-chopper you must have a valid car or moped driver’s license.

What if my e-chopper breaks down?

If your e-chopper breaks down during your trip, you can call our emergency number. We will help you solve it as quick as possible.

Our emergency number is 0251 726 134.

How to get my e-chopper, fatbike or bicycle?

You can book online, by telephone or at our location. On your day of arrival, we will ensure that the bicycle(s) are ready for you at our location. All you have to do is pick them up!

There is a lot of sightseeing in the North of Holland

riding an e-bike and sailing

E-biken and sailing

On land and at sea: select an e-bike ride with sloop sailing. Perfect for outdoor teambuilding or a family day on water and on land.

BBQ at Caribbean Bar Uitgeest

Have a nice BBQ

Complete your family, friends or team activity with a delicious, luxurious barbecue. We offer an extensive BBQ.

Would you like more info?

Do you have a question about renting an e-fatbike or renting our e-choppers? We are happy to help you out!